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25 Creative ways to spark connection.


Do you have a desire to meet new people?

(Or connect on a deeper level with the people who are already in your life.)

I find that sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to start, and making it a practice to put yourself in situations that provide opportunities to connect.

I wanted to share some quick and easy ideas with you today so that you can start rocking some sweet connection action.

Practice one of these a day and you’re life will change. I promise!


1. Write a letter or Facebook Message to a long lost childhood friend.

2. Host a dinner party. (I’m partial to hosting Dinfinity dinners, of course.)

3. Join a gym or start an exercise class. (It has been fun meeting new friends at Muv.)

4. Start a daily thank you note practice. (You know how I feel about this one.)

5. Call someone and express what you appreciate about them. (Happy tears alert: watch this video.)

6. Join (or start!) a Meetup.

7. Ask a neighbor if they need help with a project.

8. Start an interview blog or podcast.

9. Flower bomb someone who needs it.

10. Tweet a restaurant when you’ve had a great experience. (I had the best reuben sandwhich of my life this week at Marty’s Market. I just had to tweet about it.)

11. Give a compliment to a stranger.

12. Go to a neighborhood meeting and get involved with a community project.

13. Volunteer at a non-profit fundraiser.

14. Host a potluck at your house.

15. Go to a creative community event. I’m a big fan of Soup N’at, Awesome Pittsburgh Events, and of course CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh.

16. Write a haiku about someone or a place you love and then share it with them.

17. Read a book and then write the author and tell them what you enjoyed.

18. Comment on a blog post that inspired you.

19. Organize or join a retreat. (We’ve got an exciting one in the works at Propelle.)

20. Write an article for the paper or offer to write a guest post for a blog.

21. Already planning on attending an event? Invite a friend or two along with you.

22. Volunteer at a nursing home.

23. Turn an instagram photo into an actual postcard and send it to someone.

24. Make an email introduction to two people that should know each other.

25. Give away something you no longer use to to someone who needs it.


I know there are a million other ideas out there … what do you have to add to the list?

My challenge to you? Pick three and complete them this week.

I dare you!

Peace and Love,


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Kate Stoltzfus
Kate Stoltzfus
Editor/founder of, CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh host, co-pilot at Propelle, and digital strategist at Plumb media.

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Kate Stoltzfus

Editor/founder of, CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh host, co-pilot at Propelle, and digital strategist at Plumb media.

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