57 Reasons to Live in Pittsburgh

I rounded up a group of some of my favorite Pittsburgh tweeps to bring you a lot of great reasons to live in Pittsburgh. 57 reasons, to be exact. (The most Pittsburgh number out there. We love our Heinz!)

A special thanks to Mike Woycheck for helping me brainstorm this project. Feel free to add to the conversation and tweet your reason why you live in Pittsburgh at #57ReasonsPGH.

And if you are thinking about moving here, just listen to what these folks have to say…


1. Alicia Smith
The limitless opportunities to meet people and explore the city through various professional, social, & community networks.

2. Amie Powell
The best part of Pittsburgh is the parks. Nothing beats taking a hike with the husband, kids and dog on a warm afternoon or evening!

3. Andrea Laurion
A city with smart, friendly people, a great arts scene and affordable rent? Good thing I already live here.

4. Anna Pawsey
I love living in a place where it has that big city feel with a lot of small town love.

5. Ashley Ryon
There is a good drink special, fun party, or an awesome show going on every night of the week.

6. Bill Peduto
Access to anyone or anything is possible in a city that is big enough to make a difference and small enough to know its soul.

7. Byron Nash
I love living in Pittsburgh because it gives me the opportunity to hone my craft and become a professional musician.

8. Carrie Nardini
If you have an idea and and the passion and courage to pursue it, you can make it happen in Pittsburgh.

9.  Cassie Wallace
My reason to live in Pittsburgh? Fries on EVERYTHING. Salads, sandwiches…ice cream…

10. Christina Morgan
Walks along Grandview Ave with a twilight panoramic.

11. Dan Luttner
Live in Pittsburgh because it’s a world class city, yet small enough to make it feel like home.

12. Dana Bannon
I get to be my own boss and own a small business—celebrating one year and counting!

13. Emily Bayer
My parents and grandparents generations are known for steel and soot, but I’m surrounded by green innovation and revitalization.

14. Emily Levenson
The energy, the people, and unlimited potential that is Pittsburgh. That’s why we love you and keep coming back for more.

15. Gab Bonesso
I’ve always wanted to be a character in a Michael Chabon novel.

16. Geoff Barnes
Because you’re more likely to be unexpectedly given a free umbrella in the rain than you are to be mugged.

17. Gina Mignogna
Pittsburgh is a lively city with amazing special events, concerts, and festivals!

18. James Foreman
We’ve got a TON of bridges! And if you want to touch one, well, we won’t judge.

19. Jay Fanelli
It’s the city that gave us the Big Mac *and* a cure for polio. Beat that, other cities.

20. Jennie Roth
The Pittsburgh Twitter community is strong and resourceful. I get most answers to life’s questions from them 🙂

21. Jennifer Daurora
No better place than Pittsburgh to eat a pierogi, create impact as a young leader, own a home, work, love, play or dream.

22. Jesse Landis-Eigsti
We have a Banjo Night for all your twanglin’ needs.

23. Jesse Smith
It’s been over a year since I moved to Pittsburgh. Still get lost, but every time I do, I find great new places tucked into neighborhoods.

24. Jessicarobyn Keyser
“A place where there isn’t any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. Over the rainbow!” Or just over a bridge.

25. John Carman
You can network with artists, designers, tech geeks, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians and anarchists…at the same event.

26. Julie Fine
Pittsburgh’s awesome ballpark!

27. Julie Gongware
The weather! Kidding… the people. Live in Pittsburgh because even strangers feel like neighbors you’ve known your whole life.

28. Justin Hopper
In Pittsburgh, an original idea is still worth more than 100 media memes.

29. Kellee Maize
There are 4 rivers that create a portal here, not 3, 4! One is underground!

30. Kelly O’Brian
The many hills for urban walks to balance out visits with family & friends to delicious BYOB places & cheap beer everywhere else.

31. Kelly Tobias
A supportive and innovative creative community.

32. Kelsey Halling
Because Pittsburgh takes care of it’s own, but also quickly adopts those of us that are transplants.

33. Laura Miller
The people in Pittsburgh are the best reason to live here. Family, all of us. No matter what.

34. Lauren Bracey Scheidt
The booming neighborhood of Lower Lawrenceville where you can find a ton of great food and shopping in just 5 blocks!

35. Lindsay Patross
The community – online and offline. Pittsburghers are all about helping other Pittsburghers.

36. Maggie Graham
If you’ve just moved here, you feel at home. And if you’ve been here forever, the City always shows you something new.

37. Mandy Fierens
Thrifting in and around the city is AMAZING…

38. Mike Sorg
Rick Sebak. Rick *&%$# Sebak.

39. Mike Woycheck
Mike Woycheck
Pittsburgh is the place where I want to raise my child.

40. Mundania Horvath
I love how the creative community here in Pgh always tries to help each other out. It’s amazing & I’m thankful to have that.

41. Nikolaus Stoltzfus
Pittsburgh doesn’t fawn over the next new thing. It supports hard workers and the work they do.

42. Nina Mare Barbuto
You can run into old friends or new friends at any given bar.

43. Norman Huelsman
Pittsburgh is full of great people doing amazing things every day, who are approachable and really friendly.

44. Pete Chiappa
Where else can you find so many great people all connected by what seems like one degree of separation?

45. Rachel Vallozzi
I love to live in Pittsburgh because of the friendly supportive positive people I am constantly meeting!

46. Regina Anderson
Pittsburgh has plenty of space for young leaders, so start and make your career here!

47. Robert Isenberg
Disc golf in Schenley Park. Glorious, glorious disc golf.

48. Sarah Sudar
The love from the community. No matter if you were born here or not, it will become a part of you and support all of your endeavors.

49. Sarah York Rubin
Walking through the greenhouse on the Frick Estate and seeing Grow Pittsburgh’s great garden!

50. Sonja Sweterlitsch
The bridges, the rivers, the hills, the art, and especially the people all make Pittsburgh the best city on earth.

51. Sophia Michelle Sharp Fanelli
Because every time I come through the Fort Pitt tunnel, I’m truly stunned by its beauty and grit.

52. Terra McBride
You can be the first to do so many things here. And when you do, Pittsburghers will support you with undying devotion.

53. Tori Mstick
One day can take you from a little coffee shop, to a high end restaurant and then back to a dive bar.

54. Val Head
My favourite thing about Pittsburgh is the amazing creative community!

55. Virginia Montanez
Because you’ll never hear yourself say, “I haven’t seen any fireworks in a long time.”

56. Vivien Lee Croft
Pittsburgh is a city that treats you like a friend.

57. Vivien Luk
Pittsburgh is a close-knit community of caring people with a vibe so contagious you want to be here and contribute your part.